My toddler, my way?

So my daughter is nearly two and a half and the dreaded question of when should she start nursery keeps playing over and over in my mind.

Pressure is the main word that I associate with a child starting nursery and most of the time it is the mum parent that has to cope with it all. Not only has your cute little baby suddenly grown up but now your having to give them to someone else to look after. For me it feels so un-natural to give all this care and support to a child to then almost let them survive on their own at 2 years old!

I’m sure like many COVID19 has not helped with getting your toddler used to socialising. My daughter hasn’t properly interacted with another child for a year now and this does slightly worry me.

Is my anxiety getting in the way of this problem? Or is she just not ready yet and I should be allowed to get some more quality time with her before she starts school eventually.

Personally I’m not going to rush this decision. WHY? Well she is my child and surely as a mother I get to decide some parts of her life. Why should us mothers continually get scrutinized for being loving parents that enjoy our children. We are forced by norms and worries to let them leave us when they are just starting to get a beautiful connection with us.

My anxiety has been so high thinking about all of this and I can imagine there are many of you out there reading this feeling so overwhelmed to make these hard and upsetting decisions…

My advice to you. They are your children. You know when they are ready and also when you are ready, as after all you are still their support system emotionally so you need to be ok too!

Lets stop being pressured by society and just be there for our children!

Be caring to yourself xx

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