Exercise Vs Toddlers

For me exercise can really help with my anxiety, giving me clarity and confidence. It’s also a chance to have that little bit of time for myself. Those happy hormones really do something!

If your are like me and have a small child or baby it can be somewhat challenging to exercise. I always remember getting my yoga mat out when my daughter was a baby and she would suddenly need a nappy change!

To small children they see your exercise time as their play time and a bit of fun, which is lovely to see them enjoying it but for us we just want to get the task done so we don’t feel as awful for having that chocolate bar!

Now you could try and do something they could do beside you if you have a slightly older child that is willing to listen to you and actually do the exercise OR if you have my 2 year old that see’s yoga as an opportunity to climb all over my back and see me as playground equipment then maybe this isn’t for you.

Easy option is to obviously do it when they are all in bed or super early in the morning if your lucky enough to have a deep sleeping child! Well might just be me but after a long day looking after our little ones or being at work I just don’t have the energy left and just want to eat dinner and watch some Netflix in peace!

I have recently treated myself to a spin bike! Well I needed the spin bike if you know what I mean haha. I manage at least 20 minutes with only a little bit of distraction. Last week I had a wall of pretend ice creams surrounding me, which my daughter found hilarious. Finding activities they can do or a new TV show they can watch for 20 minutes helps to just have that time for you. If you can manage longer then great!

Walking is also a great way for us to get exercise. It is now seen to be just as good as running, especially if you can find a few cheeky hills to walk up, raising your heart rate. Walk your dog at the same time and then you have achieved two tasks at once! Now when does that usually get to happen haha.

Now your thinking well that’s good but what if it’s raining outside! Pick one of your child’s meal times and use that for exercising. This is great if they are still in a high chair. Then maybe use that time everyday to have some self care time to workout. Put it in your diary. O I forgot to say my child doesn’t nap, hasn’t since she was probably 6 months old or less. If yours does then here is another opportunity. What about the housework? Your nap? Well it’s a valid point trying to fit this all in. Even 10 minutes of Yoga is better than nothing!

What I am really trying to say is stop feeling frustrated or upset with yourself if you can’t exercise or are not able to, as we all have the priority of our children but remember self care is also really important as a mum so make that time for yourself If you can.

I have recently learnt to be more kind to myself and as a single mum you become so lost in parenting that you don’t make any time for yourself and you can easily disconnect with who you are. Your children will prefer happy confident mummy rather than depressed and miserable. You are also a priority.

Be caring to yourself xx

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels.com

Anxiety, Exercise, Self Care

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