Anxiety-Daily Struggle

I have been having a couple of days where I have been overwhelmed by my anxiety. It is partly PMS but also the daily struggles of life just hitting me like a huge wave and I am that person on the surfboard that is falling off.

Why are children so excited to be an adult! I can’t stand it. I had some anxiety as a child but at least I didn’t have responsibilities to contend with. One of which is my two year old daughter. Don’t get me wrong I love her to pieces. However at the moment being a mum is very overwhelming as its nearly time she starts nursery. I also have depression so just getting the energy to play can be a lot of effort.

I also have to find a job! Now what job could a single mum with anxiety and complete lack of interest do? I was recently talking to a friend of mine who lost her job due to COVID. She also suffers from depression and I was talking to her the other day about what job is she going to look for. She also had no idea what she wanted to do. She also struggles with being around people. I said to her ” Haven’t you had enough of people saying to you; just do what you enjoy!” she sent a lot of laughing emojis as she too understood where I was coming from.

It isn’t just the type of job I am haven’t an issue with it’s the hours. Know one has flexible hours for parents anymore. I can’t work full time with a two year old its too much for her and I am not that parent, I like spending time with her. Any part time work is still full days which again for my child that hasn’t started nursery its too much for her. Or when I do find a job they want you to work weekends and nights which as a single mum evenings especially I can’t do.

So is it just me or is the working world actually against people being parents! If so tell us not to have children in the first place if they are going to make it so difficult.

I was working at a supermarket previously however it was so stressful that it made me ill so I landed on being off sick a lot. These larger companies are just money makers and will employ as little staff as possible so the staff are constantly overworked. Doing that and then coming home to be a parent was just too much. My mind and body was burning out!

I feel like I can’t seem to just enjoy being a mum to a small child right now and it is upsetting as this is meant to be the most memorable and happy time for a parent and society is ruining it for me! Why don’t companies start looking at how parents need support and start creating vacancies for parents.

If you own a company or work for a good one please feel free to send me and email at or leave a comment! It would be really helpful. Or if you have experienced something similar feel free to share your story.

I think I need to find some sort of solution to this, maybe I would look for a careers coach or some counselling on the matter to help relieve me of this horrible anxiety.

Good use of daughters Lego 🤣

Be caring to yourself xx

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