OCD & Parenting

I’ve recently noticed that my OCD really kicks in when I’m around my two year old daughter. Bless her she is a typical two year old that’s full of fun and learning. However I guess it is making me more aware that I have this need for certain things to be perfect and I’m trying my best to hold back.

I purchased lots of new paints and crafts for us to get creative and let’s face it keep busy!

Someone was very excited about it and wanted to open all the packets of sequins everywhere as well as all the other bits that came out the bag! Immediately I went into omg it’s all over the coffee table and carpet. She likes to get things everywhere especially her toys! So she is happy as anything and I’m sitting there thinking how I need this mess to move.

Then we started painting and of course she wanted to mix all the paint colours. My teeth were grinding and I could feel myself tense up at this. I suddenly realise what is going on with me. She is two years old, I would of done the same too! She should be mixing and experimenting with it. It’s really not the end of the world but I find myself getting into such a rut all the time lately with all these little things.

I really have to try put myself into a toddlers mind and see it from her view and stop being that uptight parent all the time. I’m sure there are many parents that go through the same thing, especially if you like most of your life to be organised and tidy.

I think each time she starts a task I will take the time to really just enjoy it with her and take some deep breaths to calm myself down. I can clean up afterwards and she will gradually start to stop mixing the paint! Well we can only hope hey haha.

To all you parents out there. Enjoy your little ones as they are and if you do get anxious about a situation take yourself away take a breath and start again. It’s ok to have feelings.

Be caring to yourself xx

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