Vegan parent

I’ve been vegan for over 3 years and my daughter since forever. I became vegan due to moral reasons and the belief that all beings should be treated and loved equally. I wanted to share this with my daughter so that she is brought up caring for animals and loving them purely.

I was one of those people who used to say I loved animals. Meanwhile there are many out there suffering, being taken from their mothers, and slaughtered in horrific ways. Therefore I made the choice to actually put actions to words and stop supporting the animal industry in all forms.

There is such a large range of vegan food out there now it’s insane! Even when I started veganism I was fairly lucky to have some options of meals, snacks and the cheeky ice cream. However now in 2021 the options are endless and you are actually standing at the ice cream section trying to decide which delicious ice cream to try next.

So why am I writing this post? Well before I even fell pregnant with my daughter I received all the negative comments associated with being vegan and raising a child. From where will she get her protein to she is missing out on meat!

Well I can safely say throughout my pregnancy I had zero complications and delivered a healthy 7lb 11 oz beautiful baby girl. She has had soya formula as a young baby and then went straight onto soya. She has plenty of vegetables and fruits topped up with a daily multivitamin which I add all babies and children need.

She has treats like her favourite dairy free chocolate buttons which she loves. And Sunday we have ice cream Sunday! She still gets to have things like fish-less fingers and nuggets like other children. She is never missing out and gets all the protein she needs!

On her birthday she also has an amazing chocolate cake which she loves.

We have a dog at home called bailey who she loves and cares for and her love for animals is beyond beautiful. She knows we don’t eat animals and the reasons why. I have always been honest from the start why we don’t eat animals. I often here parents trying to hide the truth from their kids because they don’t want them to be different to them or an inconvenience. However to me it’s so important for children to know not only what meat is but where it comes from.

I will always make sure she is never left out at school and birthday parties or celebrations and of course when she is older it will be her choice if she stays vegan. But for me I wish I knew when I was younger what happened to animals. I’m sure I would of been vegan many years ago.

If you are a vegan parent, your doing a fantastic job, keep it up and stay strong to your beliefs. If your thinking of becoming vegan or raising your child vegan. Go for it! It’s super easy to do now and you will feel so much better for it and your supporting the environment for our generations to enjoy.

Be caring to everyone xx

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