The pressure of Child Milestones

I remember reading all of the pregnancy books and what to expect in your first year with your baby. Well all I want to say is don’t take what you read too seriously and stop worrying if your child isn’t quite doing things others are.

My first hurdle with my daughter was tummy time! Now this is one everyone seems so obsessed with. Yes I understand the reasoning and importance of it. However I had quite a sicky baby and it made it worse even if I timed it between feeds she just couldn’t do it without being sick bless her. So as a parent after reading all of these things I was thinking she wouldn’t get enough neck strength. All because these books and mum groups are constantly making it the biggest thing in the world. It made me feel like a terrible parent. My daughter has never had a problem with her neck she used to lean back a little when I held her and as she grew and started to move around herself she naturally got into the position she needed.

Next I had. Is your child not crawling yet, mine is almost walking. Well good for you but no I’m not forcing mine to do things when they aren’t ready. I’ve always let my daughter just do things when they are clearly ready. For one of when you force your child too early it can actually cause harm to their development as their brain hasn’t had time to catch up and learn how to do things for themselves.

For example I taught my daughter to use the potty at age 2 and a bit. I asked her and I had a potty in the house but she kept saying no so I told her it was ok and we will wait until she is ready. She is now two and a half rarely If ever has an accident because she was ready and she can actually communicate with me. For me it was important she could actually say mummy I need the toilet. Otherwise you have a 6 month old constantly wetting themselves because they don’t know how to say they need the toilet.

My child is a happy child. Who has had the chance to just be her and at her pace. Yes I spend a lot of time with her teaching her new things. The books I don’t read. Other opinions from mums who actually don’t know their kids I don’t listen to.

Basically get to know your child. I haven’t sent my daughter to nursery yet as she has started to have all her feelings and she can’t understand them yet. So I’m taking the time to tell her it’s ok and understand them herself.

You know your child more than anyone else and if they aren’t ready then they will be in time and when they do accomplish something they will be confident and happy because they have done it themselves and know and understand. Stop worrying about the little things and just enjoy being a mummy in their first few years. It’s so easy to get caught up in the milestones.

Be caring to yourself xx

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