Always saying No!

I never noticed how much I say ‘No’ until my ex partner brought up the conversation.

It’s a word that seems to be used so much as a parent that I even noticed that someone brought out a film on Netflix called Yes! It is worth a watch by the way. It’s about a family who have created a Yes day for their kids and they have to say Yes to everything. Just watching it I was laughing as well as cringing at how parents get stuck in this rut.

My daughter is 2 and a half! She is exploring everything, touching everything and just throwing herself into danger. So how do I not say no to these things? Do I change my language I am using to don’t do that please or not now if she wants to do something she can’t. It is so difficult to change your words especially when your mind is already ticking at a hundred miles an hour. I’ve read parenting books regarding it and they do say this can help.

The question I ask myself though is should I be more relax with my child. Should I stop seeing the danger in every single thing. I’m on a constant worry all the time with her because as most parents they are our world and they rely on us.

I’m sure all she is wanting is to just have fun and be herself. Of course I won’t just let her cross the road but maybe I should be a little more relaxed on other situations where really she could learn from things. Soon when she is in nursery I won’t be there and I do worry that she will hurt herself.

I think when you suffer from anxiety you are naturally heightened with danger and emotions. I’m sure there are more parents out there that feel this way and it’s not just me, but if there are any tips or good books anyone knows of to help then please feel free to comment below. The book I’ve read and can recommend is by Phillipa Perry called ‘ The book you wish your parents had read’. It’s explains many things about parenting, I found it useful when it came to teaching my child her emotions.

Let’s all try to stop saying No at everything!

Be caring to yourself xx

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