No more Dummy/pacifier

Every parent tries their hardest not to use a dummy with their baby. Thing is it’s not that easy sometimes. I didn’t buy any at the start. I had one that came with my bottle set though and one evening my daughter woke up in the night and was not happy and was screaming down the house. Only weeks old at the time. I was exhausted and she wouldn’t let me put her down. Trying to make her milk at the same time was just not working out. So I did it. I got the dummy out and peace was restored. She is now 30 months old.

So I’m not actually a fan of the dummy for a couple reasons. One being that it can effect their speech. Children are more likely to pronounce words more with a lisp or incorrectly if they talk with their dummy in. Secondly it can have an effect on their teeth and oral hygiene. Thirdly it becomes a safety and comfort support which is not always helpful.

So I knew she would be starting nursery next month and I really don’t want her going there with a dummy. Main reason I can’t keep an eye if it falls on the floor and it’s not cleaned before it goes back in her mouth and this is a big problem for me. So it was time to say goodbye to the dummy for the daytime at least.

So what method did I use? I didn’t actually plan this by the way. I just sat there one morning and said to myself let’s do this!

I told my daughter to come into the kitchen and explained to her that there wasn’t going to be a daytime dummy anymore and that they were going to be taken by a fairy. I said they have to go into the bin and she will collect them when we aren’t looking and in return she will give you some chocolate buttons for being so kind to her.

Ok this worked! I was shocked to be honest but thank god it actually seemed to of worked. I then went on to say she will bring one dummy back at night time as you have shared it in the day. So before bed I say let’s check your special pot to see if she has left your dummy. Honestly her face was so happy when she saw she had left it and she got so excited it was adorable to see.

Since then, which was about two weeks ago she has only mentioned the dummy a couple of times. Usually when she hurts herself. I explain to her that she doesn’t have the dummy anymore in the daytime but i will comfort her and give her a cuddle and this seems to help. This was another worry that she would hurt herself or be upset and the only way she would be ok is with a dummy and I want her to learn to share her feelings and cope in a better way as she can’t have her dummy forever.

I waited this long to loose the dummy as she still also hasn’t got all her teeth so teething has been an issue and it was her pain relief. Now I suggest Calpol to her and she either has it or doesn’t it’s up to her.

All I would say is don’t stress too much about it,do it when you are ready otherwise it can be quite overwhelming and don’t make the situation too upsetting for your little one. These things take time like it does if your an adult and give something up. There may be steps backwards but in the end your trying your best for your little ones. Hope my tip helps anyone wanting to try! Please feel free to ask any more questions in the comments section.

Be caring to yourself xx

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