Body Image… let’s update it

Recently I was talking to a women just in conversation about keeping healthy and all of a sudden it straight away turned from talking about food we both eat to feeling bad about our bodies. Why is this? Why do women feel the need to explain ourselves and why we might be overweight or in some cases underweight.

It got me thinking whether this will ever change or if it’s going to be an issue for my daughter too. I clearly don’t agree with being unhealthy however some women out there do try to eat healthy and exercise and there weight still upsets them.

Walk down a street on a hot day and there are men with their tops off; not all having a six pack either some would be a size 18 if they wore women’s clothes. Now if you had a woman do they same they would get so much critic for doing that. In fact so much so if they had the option most if not all wouldn’t take their top off out of judgement and fear.

Why do we have this problem still in our world. Back in the Italian renaissance women were called beautiful for their curvaceous bodies. Artists would make sculptures and they were seen as the norm. Now if you had that people would say it was horrible to look at.

Let’s also remember that women do have a reproductive cycle. This includes the menstrual cycle which does cause our bodies to bloat. Then most of us have babies which completely changes not only our bodies but our hormones that regulates things like our metabolism. Our breasts change and our hips widen. This isn’t anything we have done to change. It is how the female form was created. So why should we be judged for this.

Like mentioned at the start women are also criticised for being too thin too! We honestly can’t win on the body image front. Some women then feel less feminine when their breasts aren’t as big and a lot of the time will get bullied and laughed at because of it. I do know men also get judgement for ‘man boobs’ however for a man it’s not usually the daily struggle that women have to face. Also usually men will find it easier to loose this body fat than a woman would.

I think it’s time to have less body shaming and start to accept that everyone does have a different body shape or different story that has affected their body. I know that when I had my daughter my body was in a lot of pain for many months. So me trying to exercise wasn’t an option and many other women who have had babies will find that it causes them problems. To this day I have a bad back that stops me doing certain things. Even after typing in female body to the image section it comes up with lots of women exercising like that’s what we should all be doing!!

Maybe it’s because I’m nearly 30 but I’ve learnt that if someone can’t love me for me then really it’s their loss not mine. I’m proud of my body it’s been through a lot and yet it is still beautiful in it’s own form. So instead of looking in the mirror feeling sad about yourself why don’t you look at how far you have come and embrace yourself. Pick out three things you love about yourself and remember how beautiful the female body is!

Be caring to yourself xx

Where is my energy?

One of these days I would love to wake up with lots of energy and just smash out the day! I shouldn’t do it but looking at Instagram is making me feel so out of condition and like a heap of potatoes.

I was a really active child and teenager. Joining the Army after I left school, fitness was my favourite thing to do all the time. Even when I left the army I went into personal training. Then out of knowhere I completely lost my love of sport and exercise.

I’m not sure if I had some sort of mental breakdown or something but it’s been like an identity crisis for me when I lost something I loved doing. Now I have little motivation for anything active. Which as you can imagine just makes everything worse.

Funny fact; I’m current writing this blog while on my spin bike. Trying to gain some sort of inspiration from my life. Plus I had an Easter egg yesterday so the guilt has kicked in haha. No I don’t go on it every day at all!

So what I am trying to figure out is whether this is all in my head this lack of energy or there is something going on in my body to make me feel this way.

I have a two year old daughter too which I raise by myself so obviously that takes away a little bit of my energy. Or could it be that I’m 30 this year and energy just isn’t the same! Surely this can’t be it!

I’ve started being really strict with taking all the essential vitamins plus a few extra ones to help with my pms. I also make sure I eat healthy too. Water I could drink more so I need to really focus on this one as they say it can help with your energy levels.

If it is a mental barrier what can I do to change this? Should I push myself to get up everyday and just go for a walk to help kickstart my energy levels? I think I will start doing some sort of diary and get back to everyone on this. I’m pretty sure lockdown hasn’t helped with feeling so shut in all the time.

How about yourselves? Is energy a problem that you suffer with on a daily basis or are you still out and about working your ass off and looking fantastic from it? Please leave comments if you have been in the same situation and managed to solve it!

Be caring to yourself xx