What to do when your feelings don’t matter to someone?

So I recently started dating someone and it has come to my attention that some people really don’t want to change at all for anyone to the point everyone but you is important.

I’ve always been really thoughtful and caring and when it comes to someone’s feelings I really try my best to consider them. I think it is so important for all of us to be acknowledged and even if this is out of our beliefs of comfort zones.

The one thing I almost find funny is this sentence I am about to talk about and I’m almost certain that those of you out there have either used this or had it been said to you. Now I don’t know maybe it’s just me but this sentence that was used on me, it’s not been the first time. I find it upsetting, confusing and damn right disrespectful. So here we go. This is what was said; “I know this is going to upset you but…” and then the rest was obviously something that upset me.

Ok now I’m not sure why someone would firstly tell you that something is going to upset you. Secondly why would you do it then if it’s going to upset them when there are clearly other options. Finally just think about what your saying! It’s showing that you don’t care enough. Almost like o well you will be upset but il get to do what I want.

These people just aren’t worth my time. I can’t ever imagine doing something if I knew it was going to upset someone. Especially if it was something that I could find another way. I’m trying to teach my daughter to be strong minded and confident but this behaviour is almost spiteful and I will be telling her when she is older to not accept people to be this way.

Unfortunately if you want a relationship to work you need to focus on the two people in that relationship not ex partners or friends just the two of you. At the end of the day all you will see is everyone else in a happy relationship and your alone because you haven’t made that person feel important enough.

For those of you in relationships think about how you speak to each other and how you communicate. Are you putting their needs first like they do with you. Are you really caring about their feelings like you say or just Brushing it off because it’s not affecting you. For those of you who are single. Stop taking this behaviour from people as it really isn’t acceptable. They either care or they don’t. Walk away as you deserve more! I think these days people seem to accept their partners being nasty but seriously you shouldn’t be taking it.

Be caring to yourself and others xx